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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Last entry

After an incredible battle, fought with epic courage and dignity, Janice succumbed to her disease this morning.  It was not unexpected and her family was with her.

Those readers who knew Janice personally will understand what a monumental loss occurred today.  Those who did not have that privilege can only get a hint from her writings in this blog.



  1. A great loss for all of us. She will be missed so much. I have been so blessed to have known her - she changed my life for the better. She will always be apart of me. God bless you, Janice - heaven is a better place today with you there.

  2. Words are insufficient to express the depth of this loss. How blessed I feel to have had Janice touch my life. I cherish the gift of her. My love to all of you, her family.

  3. Janice was more than a best friend of 30 years; she was an amazing person. She touched everyone that had the privilege of knowing her. Her curiosity, intellect, creativity, compassion, love and generosity with it all, are just a few of the attributes that endeared her to all.

    I will always remember our adventures, to the Amazon Jungle, Catalina Island, and the last space shuttle from Kennedy Space Center, to name a
    few. She is now pain free and and directing the angels with new adventures.

    Her passing will leave a void in my life, and in the hearts of everyone who knew her. Janice's memory will always remain deep within my heart.

    My sincere thoughts and prayers are with Dave, her husband, and her children, Paige & Roger, Shelby & James, David, and their families.

    If there is anything that I can do to help you all in anyway, please do not hesitate to contact me, at anytime. I am always here for you.

  4. Dave,

    Thank you so much for the final entry.

    Thank you also for letting me a part of the afternoon visit of 12/12/12. I will long remember Janice being Janice. Watching over her tribe, listening to the talk and making humorous, timely, loving comments. I feel fortunate that the mind and mouth were still working as she traveled the final hours of her journey. Ahh, the miracles of the mind and body as we continue to do the only thing we know… be fully human in the moment.

    I am grateful that Janice invited me into her life and that we had the opportunity to truly care for each other. I am shedding tears and intensely feeling the Edna St. Vincent Millay quote from October 2.

    I hope that you will keep this blog up a while longer as I want to dwell once again on the richness of her writing.

    My love to all the family at this time of great loss.

    Helen Igoe

  5. Thank you so much for letting me know. I am so glad you let me know. I am overcome with sadness. I would love to help you or any of her children in any way you might need. She was instrumental in helping me get over the loss of my own mom 15 years ago and I would love if there is anything I can do to help her children deal with the same issue. Please keep me posted on the funeral or memorial information. I would love to attend. My email is Sending love to everyone who knew her.

  6. My thoughts and prayers are now with you, Dave--and with Paige, Shelby and David. I am so grateful that I was able to see Janice one last time in November, when she was feeling well and showed the spunk I knew since childhood.

    Love to all of you,
    Susanne Lewis

  7. Janice was unique, and I think she would consider that the highest compliment. The world is a worse place without her in it, yet better still because she was here. Of the many lives she touched, I consider myself blessed to be one of them. I'll always treasure her friendship and be grateful for the time spent in her company. It's an understatement to say she will be missed.

  8. It's hard to believe that Janice is gone. I am one of her "pupils" from PAL, which I attended for about 10 years. She helped me get over my anxiety and learn how to cope with it. I also had the priviledge of reading the draft of her book. I hope with all my heart that it will be published, because it is excellent. Her life was full of exciting moments and she lived it to the fullest. I will miss her a lot. My condolences go out to Dave and her children, whom she spoke of often in class. Love, Ivy

  9. My condolences go out to Dave and her children. What sad news this is too hear.
    I was one of Janice's PAL students for 15+ years. She helped me overcome panic attacks/agoraphobia and helped me get my life back.
    She taught us how to live life in spite of our fears and how to help others.
    I will truly miss her presence but her Spirit will live forever in my heart!
    Go with God beloved friend and mentor. I will see you on the other side.
    Love always,
    George Stack

  10. I am deeply saddened to read this post today. Janice gave me my life back, to live without fear. I am so thankful I was able to speak with her a couple weeks ago and even in her pain she still helped me. I am very blessed to have known her and have her in my life. She will forever live in my heart and my memories. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. If possible I would like to go to any services, my e-mail is God Bless
    Denise Montoya

  11. I only new Janice for a few years but in that time she helped me get over my anxiety and learn how to cope with it. I really enjoyed her sessions and learned alot it was a sad day when she retired, but to learn of her passing is very sad. My prayers are with her family. With Love Julie O'Driscoll

  12. Janice was so much to me ... A mentor,therapist and friend. I first met her at PAL and I attended for a very long time... She encouraged me to be a therapist and I owe her so much. She helped so many people!
    I know she is peaceful now, and my love to her family at this sad time.
    Betty Arias

  13. Dave...Janice was light when I was in the dark. She taught me how to find my own light. I hope her loved kitties are OK without their mommy.

    Please post if there is a donation we can make in her honor.

    Much love
    Tiffany Carter

  14. Dave, I just posted to the MFT Association that a service will be held on Sunday, January 13th at 11am at the breakwater (on the beach or inside The Charthouse) as Janice's ashes are released in the water. I also posted a message at about how honored we were that Janice chose the Center for Counseling, Recovery, & Growth to take over Coast Counseling Center when she retired. Her baby, the Panic Assistance League (PAL), still meets every Tuesday at 7:30 at CCRG. Janice will be sorely missed, and her influence lives on in the lives of the many she touched and many who still find their way to PAL.

  15. What a beautiful lady. We will miss you. So glad you and Dave were able to make it to Gig Harbor over the years. You were a delight!! Fun also listening to stories of the old days growing up in Gig Harbor. Karen Merry