Announcement of Life

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Last entry

After an incredible battle, fought with epic courage and dignity, Janice succumbed to her disease this morning.  It was not unexpected and her family was with her.

Those readers who knew Janice personally will understand what a monumental loss occurred today.  Those who did not have that privilege can only get a hint from her writings in this blog.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Hospital Visit Again

One more week in the hospital. I’m a bit tired of it all. This time I got a contrast MRI, contrast Bone Scan and a few other delightful tests. The main problem was pain and the doctors focused on that problem. After we picked up all of our medicine a huge delivery truck pulled up to restock the pharmacy. Liquid morphine is a frightening thing to have in the house.

A new tumor was found on the spine so I’m now back in radiation for 12 treatments. That is not a tough saga and it really helps with the back pain. And the main problem with all of the pain medicine is that I make up strange stories in my mind. The family had a problem keeping up yet I was truly ‘out-there.’

My love to all of you and soon I hope to have some strength. I did get some benefit from the ice cream and root beer soda.